Monday, 11 April 2016

50 New Blog post ideas

I know there's not only me who struggles with coming up with new blog post ideas, especially right now i'm finding it difficult to find any inspiration and if i'm being honest i'm definitely not motivated, sooo I thought i'd write a blog post about blog posts hoping to help myself but maybe help some others. So if anyone needs their mojo back just like me then grab a pen and jot down your favourites!

25 Lifestyle Blog Post ideas 

  1. Favourite Inspiring bloggers of the month 
  2. Monthly Goals 
  3. Review your new year resolutions 
  4. Things you'd like to do by a certain age 
  5. Tips on how to be organised 
  6. How I edit my instagram photos 
  7. Create a wishlist 
  8. Going on holiday? Share photos & tell us how much fun you had 
  9. Talk about your favourite place i.e destination, favourite coffee shop
  10. D.I.Y tutorial 
  11. Talk about any subject you want i.e something that bothered you recently, something you're passionate about 
  12. 10 Things you didn't know about me 
  13. Favourite instagram accounts 
  14. Talk about a bad experience you had & give advice 
  15. Your favourite blog posts you've read this week 
  16. Book Review 
  17. Bought some new things? Share them 
  18. What I ate today 
  19. Share a family reciepe 
  20. Interview another blogger 
  21. Tell us your favourite books
  22. Talk about why you started blogging 
  23. What did you do this weekend? 
  24. Talk about your biggest regret 
  25. Swap blogs with your friends for a day (guest post) 

25 Beauty Blog Post ideas 

  1. A makeup wishlist
  2. Colour themed post 
  3. Favourite makeup products 
  4. Write a review on something you bought recently 
  5. Daily Makeup routine 
  6. Write a 'how to do this makeup look' 
  7. Favourite perfume scent 
  8. Beauty Essentials  
  9. Nail polish picks for the season 
  10. Pro's a cons of a product 
  11. Why High End products are worth the hype 
  12. Drugstore vs High end 
  13. Beauty product haul 
  14. My perfume collection 
  15. Have any beauty hacks/tips? Share them
  16. Product comparison/ dupe 
  17. Inspired makeup look 
  18. A 'Must Have' 
  19. Seasonal look 
  20. Hair tutorial 
  21. Dressing table layout 
  22. Nail art tutorial 
  23. Tour of your dressing table layout/ makeup storage 
  24. How to find out what your skin type is 
  25. Host a giveaway for your readers to win

Have you got any ideas for new blog posts?

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  1. Thankyou Beth! I've not even started reading it yet, i'm terrible when it comes to books x


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