Friday, 29 July 2016

Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! Review

If you're a Beauty Blogger or a girl who is seriously into makeup then you would have already heard that Benefit have released a new brow range only it's not fully a new range, they've just revamped your favourite products and introduced new shades as well as some new products. The Benefit brand have always been into having 'on fleek' eyebrows, in my opinion I think that's what they're most know for, that's how they stood out to me anyway. I've been really into buying magazines recently So when I noticed Marie Claire had the Ready, Set, Brow! Clear eyebrow gel I just had to pick it up and try it. What won me over is that a few people have said that this product WILL keep your eyebrows in place no matter what, which is something I need because I've been using Maybelline's Brow Drama in Clear to set my brows and it honestly doesn't do anything for me. 

The product itself comes in this super cute silver metallic tube and the name of the product printed on the tube in a cute pastel pink colour which I absolutely adore, now I don't normally do pink but I love each and every single one of the pastel colour's don't ask me why I just do. The packaging shape kind of reminds me of a chess piece, I'm not sure if that's the look they were going for but either way I think it's rather cool. But I have a feeling it'll be like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. The way they've designed the wand I think is quiet clever, it's got double sided bristles one sides thicker and the other is finer which caters to how precise you want your brows, I find that rather handy. 

Now onto discussing what I think of the product.. 

I bloody love this product! I'm not sure if it is an old favourite or it's a newly introduced one but I love it. It glides on really well, it's not clumpy, flaky and doesn't have air bubbles like I've experienced before with other clear brow gels. And it actually sets my brows in place, I put it to the test, once it dried I tried messing up my brows but they just didn't budge, they kept spring right back into place how it'd set them. It lasted all day for me and I think ti smells really nice too which is a bonus. The only thing that puts me off is the price of the product it retails at £18.50 which is a little too steep for me. I'd really love to buy this because I'm SO impressed but it's just too much. However I'm curious as to what their other brow products are like. 

What did you think of the new Benefit Brow collection? 

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

5 Things I Wish I Was Told Before I Started Blogging

It's been 5 months since I first created my blog, but I think it was abut a week later till I started actually writing on my blog, it took me so long to figure out how to design my blog with the template, banner and all that html crap. My blogs design has changed a lot since then though and I'm really happy with how it looks now but then again it's still in progress. But since I've finally got the hang of how things work and I feel like I know everything I need to know., I wanted to write a post on things I wish I'd have known or have been told before I started blogging, I've come up with 5 things to represent each month I've been blogging for so far.

1. Sometimes you will want to give up
Everytime I get stuck for ideas on what to write I wan't to give up, I end up thinking this is it, I'm not going to be able to think of any more ideas so I'll just stop blogging. I've only been blogging a few months and even now it's been so difficult to come up with things to blog about that are 'original'. Apparently it's a normal thing to have 'bloggers block' that's what they call it and it's okay to take a break and not give up because ideas will come flowing back. At the end of the day you can talk about whatever the hell you like because somewhere on the internet it's already been written about. As long as it's in your words it's original enough.

2. How to turn down PR collabs in a polite manner
A few times now I've had brands contacting me to collab with them, but it's them type that rip you off and give nothing back in return. However because I'm only doing blogging for a hobby at the moment it's not really something I'm interested in at this moment in time, this may change in the future though. I'm just enjoying having a blog to write on and having fun out of it. If anyone would like to tell me the answer to this point I'd appreciate it because I still don't know how to.

3. How big the blogging community actually is
When I was in school I'd never even heard of blogging, it wasn't until I started watching Youtube videos by Zoella and Tanya Burrs I was enlightened that Blogging was a thing. Still then no one ever spoke about it who I was surrounding my self with. It was even later until I made my own blog and got involved in twitter chats etc that I was like wow all these people have something in common with me.

4. Blogging takes up a lot of your time
Before starting my blog I didn't know how much I'd be into blogging, only now I've realised I'm really passionate about what I'm doing, I enjoy it a mahoosive amount and I just want to blog all the time. I know other bloggers are committed because it's their full time job but I'm committed because I enjoy it so much. I will spend all day everyday pretty much doing blogging tasks that needs be done like writing up blog posts for the week, promoting previous posts, being active on pinterest, twitter and Instagram, replying to blog comments, reading other peoples blog posts and commenting. Sometimes I do wish I wasn't so engrossed in blogging considering it's only a hobby. I enjoy it but I get stressed out every now and then because I have to keep up.

5. People won't visit your blog unless you promote it 
Building up a loyal following takes time, and you can only do that if you put your blog out there and promote your posts on twitter or commenting on other peoples blog posts and leaving a link to your blog at the end of your comment. Just be humble and genuine and people will like you. 

What things do you wish you knew before you started blogging? 

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Friday, 22 July 2016

My 10 Biggest Pet Hates About Working In A Supermarket

Three times a week I have to follow the same exhausting pattern of running around on my sore feet, accidentally dropping jars of pickled onions on the floor and then stinking out the entire shop out and never failing to run over my toes with a roller (basically a cage with products stacked inside for anyone who doesn't know) full to the top with cans of soup and veg or trapping my hand in the warehouse doors as I'm rushing out. I thought I'd share with you some of the things that bug me when working, in hope to give you an insight on the struggles I go through on a daily basis. Hopefully any fellow retail workers are able to relate.  

1. Them people that want to buy alcohol but have no ID, you aren't going to get served if you have no ID and look under the age of 25. Please don't shout at me I'm only doing my job

2. I've worked there that long I've now memorized the crappy playlist and the announcements on the tannoy word for word and the exact time it is when and they're announced

3. Watching a customer dump their bag of potatoes on the isle where the cereal is. Like you have to be kidding me? When you're on your way to the checkouts you will pass the potatoes surely you can take them back yourself. The potatoes aren't even on the same department as me and I now have to walk run all that way to put them back when I have like 20 full rollers to do in 4 hours. That's an exaggeration but you get the point I'm too busy?

4. If you drop your carton of milk or box of eggs on the floor please come and find me so I can clean it up so someone doesn't hurt themselves don't just walk away and leave me to find it

5. And don't dump your half eaten sandwich or chewed chewing gum on the shelf, it's disgusting, there's a bin right outside of the store, you can't miss it. True story I've once had to clean smeared shit of the shelf. Just don't do it please, for my health 

6. My knickers turn from briefs into a thong in less that 20 seconds every 20 seconds. And I have to awkwardly delve right in to pull it out, bet the security guard gets a right good laugh. It's the pants fault 

7. Every Friday or Saturday night and 15 year olds come in causing trouble and ask silly questions like "Have you seen my mate? Phil McCrackin?" Heard them all

8. Being surrounded by food up until my break but still not knowing what to eat 

9. Being too warm throughout summer because the air con isn't switched on

10. When the Christmas Playlist makes an appearance

Whats your biggest pet hate about retail? 

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bloggers Photography Club

Photo Taken by Myself

So almost 3 months a go I had the opportunity to join The Bloggers Photography Club which is a project Caitlin over on Through The Mirror created for anyone who wanted to join. The purpose of this group is to give other bloggers even non bloggers (anyone is welcome) the chance to get to know their camera, improve their photography skills and editing skills. However you don't have to have a fancy camera you can use your iphone or Samsung phone etc whatever you'd like to use you don't need all the fancy expensive equipment to join. Every 2 weeks there is a topic we have to base our pictures around which are usually, put into a poll on twitter and the topic with the most votes wins. The topics we've had so far are Water, Eyes, Black and White, Flatlay (blog photo), A Photo You're proud of or A photo that tells a story, Nature and now we're currently onto Self Portrait which I'm absolutely dreading because I'm no good in front of a camera, but the whole point of it is to improve and hopefully I'll become more confident. There is a group of now 30+ people taking part and it's always open for more people to join if this is something you're interested in! If you are you can read the blog post here when Caitlin first created the group and sign up to join. 

I'll show you some photos from each topic we've had so far so you can get a taster or our work. 

'Water' by Kelly 

'Blog Photo' by Megan

'Black and White' by Kelsey 

'Eye' by Maff

'A Photo I'm Proud Of ' by Caitlin

I'm so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone to be apart of something I enjoy doing with others who share the same interest, all thanks to Caitlin. I'm also proud of all of us for improving in so little time, we've all improved a massive amount already and we're always sharing ways to improve our photography as well as sharing our top blogging resources. I think it's a really great way to get your creativity flowing and we're all a lovely bunch of people and we welcome you with open arms

We hope to see you all there!

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Friday, 15 July 2016

5 Steps To Becoming More Self-Confident

This post is going to be dedicated to those times you need a kick up the butt on them days you let them silly judgmental comments people make about your life, the decisions you make and what you enjoy to do. Or it could be dedicated to them days you are doubting your abilities and feeling bad about yourself. I wanted to write a list post of some tips down that help me feel brand new again and what helps me believe in myself. Hopefully this post will help brighten up your mood and give you a major boost of self confidence. 

1. Pamper Yourself - Giving your body some TLC is such a great way to help you feel good about yourself. So pick one or two days a week where that day is for you and only you. Take some time out to relax, run yourself a bubble bath and add a bath bomb, bath fizz or bath salts whatever you desire. Light some candles or incense and place them around your bath to set the relaxing mood. To help pass the time, Read a book if you want to. Watch an episode of the latest Netflix Programme you're watching if you want to. Or you could just sit and lie back and close your eyes for an hour. When I'm out of the bath I like to moisturise myself and paint my nails and sometimes sit there with a face mask on. Do whatever helps you feel most relaxed.

2. Talk To Someone New - This may be stepping out of your comfort zone but honestly it's good to do that once in a while. If you've had this fear of doing something for so long and then you finally do it, you will feel proud of yourself.  If you speak to someone new you never know they may end up becoming really close to you and before you know it you have a life long friend. It's so important to surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. Referring back to a quote in a previous post "Be the kind of person  you would like to meet". If you're interested you can find this post here.

3. Don't Listen To Judgmental Comments - You can't keep living your life caring about what others think and what they say about you. You really shouldn't listen to them people that think they know more about your life than you do. The day you stop caring and listening to other people is the day you will become 10x happier and more confident. If you want to spend your entire wage on makeup you seriously don't need then you go ahead and do it. If you have a hobby that you really enjoy then you continue to do it. And if you want to dress in clashing colours or patterns or wear revealing clothes then you go ahead and do it. If it makes you feel confident about yourself then never let anyone tell you otherwise. 

4. Be Your Own Cheerleader - We spend all this time sitting around waiting for people to notice us and our hard work and sometimes it just doesn't happen. So be kind to  yourself, don't get disheartened if people aren't praising you and throwing compliments your way.All you have to do is compliment yourself and give yourself praise. Go on tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you are, compliment your best feature. Tell yourself how hard you've worked to be where you are now. You should be proud. "Be Kind To Yourself, You're Doing Your Best". 

5. Accept Failure And Take Risks - Failure is inevitable, it's always going to happen, it's apart of life. I look at failure as a positive thing, we can learn from our mistakes and it makes you stronger as a person. You have to remember that everyone fails throughout their life, getting back up and trying again is the only thing that matters but it also helps build confidence. Going back to when I mentioned going out of your comfort zone, If an amazing opportunity comes about but you're not sure if you'd be able to do it or you don't want to leave someone or do it on your own, for your own sake just say - Yes. Take the risk. 

What are some of your tips to becoming more self confident?

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

First Impressions: Makeup Revolution Girl Panic + Swatches

Makeup Revolution is becoming a lot of Beauty Bloggers favourite budget brand, from what I've seen anyway. I've only ever bought one product from them which was in fact an eye shadow palette, I bought it for my Mum as a present for Christmas. It had 100 shades in the palette and it budgeted at around £20 if I remember correctly. £20 for 100 eye shadow shades! I know right? bargain! My inner grandma just made an appearance then, I'm very sorry. I was really intrigued as to how good this product was so i'll admit I've robbed it a few times from my mum and I was really impressed. So whilst I was on holiday I shopped in the Duty Free at Playa Blanca and I came across a Makeup Revolution counter. That's where I found the beautiful Girl Panic Palette, I fell in love with all the shades instantly as they're right up my street. I bought it for around 8 Euros but it retails at £6 on their own website and in Superdrug. 

The palette comes in a pretty bright luminous pink box which I think represents the pink shades in the palette itself. The actual palette is a black glossy sturdy case which has the brand name on it written in the usual rose gold metallic font. There is 18 shades, 12 which are shimmery and the other 6 are matte. Inside you'll find a fairly decent sized mirror and a double sided sponge eye shadow applicator. It also has a sheet of protective plastic which has all the shade names written on it. 

Top row - Panic On The Street, By Invitation, Going On To Somewhere, I Am Beaten, Voices In My Head, City Trap 
Middle Row - Girlfriend, Chelsea Mayhem, Random, Going Nowhere, Get Closer, Demolition 
Bottom Row - Going Under, Let It Happen, Naked Through, Hypnotic, Mesmerised, Clever Words 

As I already know Makeup revolution have amazing quality products for the price. As always I adore the formula of these shadows, especially for the price. Each shadow doesn't feel powdery it feels quite creamy and soft, they're really pigmented and they blend really well on the eyes. 

My favourite in this row is I Am Beaten because it's a gorgeous shimmery copper pink shade. 

In the middle row I absolutely adore all of these shades but the one that stands out to me the most is Random purely because it s a gorgeous bold copper colour, almost looks metallic. Can you tell my favourite colour is copper and rose gold at the moment?

In the final row Going Under is a perfect shade for highlighting the brow bone, Hypnotic is my favourite out of all the mattes, beautiful muted purple shade and Mesmerised is perfect for creating dimension and depth in the crease. 

Overall I have fallen so in love with this palette, the quality is great, I really how beautiful all the shades are and they're so easy and versatile to work with. It's Makeup revolution what do you expect? I am left a very happy makeup-aholic once again. 

Which was your favourite shade from this palette?

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Photo Diary: My Holiday In Lanzarote

As some of you may already know I've just been on holiday for the first time alone with Kyle, you may have either seen Instagram posts or from a previous blog post where I spoke about my experience where I stayed which you can find here. I'm not sure if any of you are actually interested in reading these types of blog posts, but I thought it's time to create my very first photo diary. I think this would be a much more fun way to show you all the beautiful captures I got from the Rancho Texas Zoo to the beautiful sunsets with cocktails that where bigger than my head!

Me and Kyle decided to catch the free shuttle bus that the hotel puts on, we went for a walk down Playa Daroda Beach and had a gander to see what shops there where in Playa Blanca.

One of the trips we booked were Submarine Safari's, "We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, yellow submarine" we had to actually get into a yellow submarine. Apparently it went down 30m deep into the Pacific Ocean. Saw some really pretty fishes. My favourite photo from that day was a Scuba Diver feeding the fishes and they all gathered around him, it was so so cute. He's not got a bad job has he!

Kyle pursued me to go on a bike ride, we took the route round the back of the hotel which was just all rock and hills, it took us to 4 private beaches, I spent more time pushing the bike up the hills than actually sat on it peddling. Typical.

My favourite trip of them all was the Rancho Texas Theme park, which was more like a zoo but had a waterpark situated in it to. The main reason why we decided to go was because they had white tigers, they were so beautiful! But unfortunately wasn't able to get a photo because they were pressed up right against the wall in the shade. Made me a little angry the fact they're in them conditions, obviously was way to hot for them. They had a seal show on, a bird show and a parrot show, we didn't have enough time to see the parrot show.

I had a lot of fun with my favourite person, I hope to share many more holidays together seeing and experiencing different cultures around the world and sipping cocktails.

Sorry for such a long post of basically just photos but it was so hard to choose when they were all my favourites

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

8 Quotes That Help Keep Me Inspired and Motivated

Recently I've had to come to terms with the truth about my mental health and where I'm at the moment, and well if i'm being honest I'm struggling. I'm at a point in my life where I'm finding it hard to deal with a few things including taking a big step in life and going to University where you actually have to be majorly sociable in order to settle into the transition of moving away from home alone and the fact I've left my job because that was no good for my mental health either. So as you can tell I've just wanted to curl up in a ball and die (not literally just for the record) I'm just going through a difficult time where I'm finding it hard to accept things.

Over a year ago I made the decision to make a new twitter and only write positive things on social media, no bitchy in the moment hot headed tweets because that's not me. I wanted to leave all that behind and have the chance to show and reflect the real me and my true personality, because no one likes a mood killer or wants to surround themselves with negative people. So to help me remain positive and happy I searched the internet high and low for some inspirational and motivational quotes that helped me change my thought process and encouraged me to keep going. Today I wanted to share with you these quotes that really make a difference in my life.








I hope they made you feel as inspired and motivated as they do for me.  

Which quote was your favourite? 

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