Monday, 18 April 2016

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is for bloggers with a small follower count that's below 500 so I believe, correct me if I'm wrong? I'd never even heard of this award or even thought awards for blogs were even a thing until last night when the lovely Neona over on Within The City nominated me for this award, which by the way made me so emotional as it's the sweetest thing anyone has done for me in a while, so thank you SO much Neona it made my evening! 

So I did a bit of research to find out what this award actually was and I found that the word Liebster is actually German and has several meanings along the lines of sweetest, dearest, nicest, kindest, lovely, beloved, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, sweetheart, and welcome, A bit of a mouthful right? But now you understand why I was so emotional and surprised over this. The whole purpose of this award to is to discover new blogs (just like it does in the badge) but it encourages blogs to unite and give smaller blogs more recognition. 

The 5 rules for The Liebster award: 

  1. Mention the blogger who tagged you and thank them 
  2. Answer the 11 questions you have been asked by the blogger 
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers who have 500 followers or less 
  4. Come up with 11 questions for your chosen nominees 
  5. And finally make your nominees aware of the nomination by notifying them on twitter! 

The questions I have been asked are:
Q1: Favourite TV Show? 
A: I have 3 because I can't just pick one & I'm greedy but they are Gossip Girl, Prison Break and Game of thrones. 
Q2: Go to comfort food? 
A: My go to comfort food is chocolate how could it not be? 
Q3: A quote of song lyric you love? 
A: "I only see my goals, I don't believe in failure, Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major" - 7 Years by Lukas Graham
Q4: Do you prefer to wear darker or brighter colours? 
A: The only colours I own in my wardrobe is white, black and grey
Q5: How long have you been friends with your oldest friend? 
A: 14 years 
Q6: Favourite pair of shoes at the moment? 
A: My Nike Juvenate trainers without a doubt, simply because they're soooo comfy and don't make my feet ache like every other pair of shoes ever made do
Q7: Who do you call when you're in a crisis?
A: My boyfriend because he's the only person that actually enjoys listening to my rambles 
Q8: Who do you call when something good has happened? 
A: My boyfriend, again haha. I tell him everything 
Q9: Three words you'd use to describe your life at this current period of time
A: Exciting, Change & Blessed 
Q10: Whats something you like but most people hate? 
A: Zayn Maliks new album, my secret guilty pleasure which isn't so secret anymore
Q11: Do you want a pet? If so what pet? If not what pet would you like?
A: I don't have a pet because I'm not allowed pets due to rented property but for years now I've wanted a Pug, I'm genuinely obsessed and have every pug merchandise possible 

Your questions: 

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? 
  2. Who do you admire in life? 
  3. Do you have a fear? If so what is it ?
  4. If you could give your younger self some advice what would you say? 
  5. Whats your favourite thing to do in your free time? 
  6. What are your goals in life? 
  7. Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer? 
  8. What's something you really regret? 
  9. Tell me something you achieved that you're proud off
  10. What is your favourite piece of clothing and why? 
  11. Tell me why you started blogging.

I now nominate: 
Hannah from HannahLaneEmily
Amy from FourCatsPlusUs
Courtney from StrawberryDream
Louise from LouiseBennalick
Emily from BambisBeautyBlogs
Shellie from ShellieSkillen 
Anne from AnneSmiles 
Chloe from BeautyandTheGirl
Amy from PaleAspiration 
Laura from LittlebyLaura
Sonam from SonamLotay

Don't forget you can find me in all these places too!


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