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Hello and welcome to my blog lovelies! 

I'm Claire a 20 Year Old Student, I currently live in the Liverpool area but I'm from Manchester, whilst I attend Liverpool John Moores University. The course I'm studying is Health and Social Care for Individuals, Families and Communities, a mouthful right? 

For any of you who may be wondering the reason behind the url I'll tell you. Memoir means: "A record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation". So basically it means my little record of events. 
I have a particular love for Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, Photography, Travelling and I am a massive foodie because food is the way to your heart right? But just like a normal human being I have other interests that I will share with you here on mylittlememoir as well as the beauty reviews and regular lifestyle posts. 

I'm always on the internet or on my phone so if you'd like to contact me then feel free you can find me on: 

Twitter: @mylittlememoir_
Email: mylittlememoir@gmail.com

Bye for now! 


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  1. Hi Claire! Nice to meet you virtually haha. I've been looking at your blog posts! I've enjoyed reading them. I'm MJ (Marikah) I too have a blog, feel free to check me out������


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