Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May's Monthly Goals

May is the month that's going to be super busy for me, due to having so many exciting new things happening that I have to prepare for over the upcoming months. One of them being in less than 6 weeks till I go away on my first holiday away with my boyfriend, I'm going to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote for anyone who is wondering and I will be right a few blog posts about my time there. 

I wanted to set myself some goals for the month to see if I achieve them and then I can write another blog post reviewing them to see how well I did and if I stuck at them (HA chances of that happening?) 

  1. Develop a sensible sleeping pattern, Waking up before 11am 
  2. Get into reading and actually read the books I've bought and had bought for me 
  3. Smile at strangers in the street or shops in hope to make someones day 
  4. Stick to blogging 3 times a week for the full month and have blog posts on time 
  5. Get into the habit of cleaning up after myself instead of saying "I'll do it later" 
  6. Not worry about what other people may think 
  7. Have some 'me time' once a week pampering myself and taking a break 
  8. Exercise 3/4 times a week every week
  9. Stick to buying colourful clothing for the holiday not black and white
  10. Have fun and laugh as much as I possibly can 

Don't forget you can find me in all these places too!

What goals have you set yourself this month?


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  1. Honestly not caring what other people think is one of my life goals! I find that to be such a tough one though.

    I also really want to develop a decent sleeping pattern, lately I've been getting barely and sleep and it's slowly killing me! Haha


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