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Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort Lanzarote

So some of you will know I've just been on a 10 night all inclusive holiday to Lanzarote with my boyfriend, for those of you who didn't know, well.. I've just been on holiday, you get the point. I wanted to write a blog post about the hotel we stayed at because I was SO impressed with basically everything. Now I've only been on holiday abroad 3 times but out of everywhere I stayed this is the only Hotel I've ever been able to say I will definitely recommend staying here. By the way to hotel is HUGE probably because there was so much to do and wide range of activities and entertainment to take part in. 

I'll start of with the key features of the hotel: 

  • All inclusive 
  • 3 Restaurants (main buffet, Italian and Fusion buffet (Oriental and Tex Mex) 
  • 3 Swimming pools (one adult only, one kids and one mixed) 
  • Pool bar/snack bar
  • 5 bars (one adult only)
  • Chill out terrace
  • Private beach
  • Free wifi 
  • Safety deposit box 
  • Air con in rooms 


  • Bicycle rentals 
  • Tennis court 
  • Multi-sports court 
  • Archery 
  • Rifle shooting 
  • Mini golf
  • Spa (3 Jacuzzis, Turkish bath, sauna then your selection of massages etc) 
  • Table tennis 
  • 6 pool tables 
  • Games console
  • Darts 
  • Ping pong tables 
  • Play area 
  • Mini disco 
  • Daytime pool activities and games run by animation team 
  • Evening shows run by animation team
We stayed in just a standard double room with a terrace, wow the only thing that was disappointing about this was the view from the room, there was metal fencing all around the back of the block of rooms, I think this was to stop people or animals or whatever from getting in, me and Kyle actually walked round the back of our room as it was the way to get to some small private beaches. I am aware you could make a complaint and ask for a room change but it didn't really affect us because we spent more time outside rather than in our room, as long as it has a bed, a mirror and a shower I wasn't too fussed and certainly didn't ruin our holiday. 

Now the other point that was actually a down fall was the food at the hotel. For breakfast it was your basic continental breakfast; Cereal, toast, pancakes, fruit, full English and they they had like pate's and meats such as ham and salami etc. For lunch they had all your salad stuff, fish, chicken beef, turkey and pork both grilled and slow cooked. One time they had shark too which I was going to try but it was really hard to cut away so I ended up having a strop and storming off like a 13 year old stroppy teenager. Then there was chips, paella, chilled and hot pasta, and in the Italian restaurant they had a live station where they made your choice of pasta and sauce in front of you as well as pizza. Then lastly for Dinner they had near enough the same just different flavours and toppings etc. Obviously I got sick of eating the same stuff but it was more the quality of the food (whenever I've been away the foods always upset my stomach because of the diet change of how they cook things differently) so I ended up just eating Spaghetti Bolognese every day, no joke. To be expected considering it's my favourite meal ever. 

The fusion restaurant you had to book in advance in order to get a table. This restaurant had alternate days of Oriental food and then the next it was Tex Mex. We was lucky to eat at both of them, because it was set out to be a proper restaurant the food was a lot more better quality. Oriental was the better of the two because I love Chinese, Thai, Indian etc. On the other hand Kyle preferred the Tex Mex

Now on to the staff at this hotel, they where all so friendly and helpful which was different for me because other places I've been they've always ended up being so rude and ignorant. But that's what you want your staff to be like, be nice and deal with any problems you may have. Even the maids where really nice, one of the days I'd come back to the room alone from the pool and one of the maids had just finished cleaning ours. She couldn't speak English but in the end we figured out what she was trying to say, she warned me that the floors slippy and to be careful which I thought was super lovely and nice of her to tell me. Another one of the maids, Kyle had won me a elephant teddy in one of them claw grabby machine things which was in the hotel and I'd lay it on the side of the bed side table in the room. When she'd made the bed she'd picked it up and sat it up on my side of the bed which I found SO SO cute. It's the little things. Now my favourite staff where the animation team, they where all so friendly, forever forcing you to take part in the activities they'd organised which I was glad about because it made me try new things. I tried archery, I didn't win but I beat Kyle which is the only thing that matters. I also played water polo which was rather fun, until I got too cocky and jumped up in the air to grab the ball, when I'd landed my foot went from under me because I'd slipped and I had the shock of my life. All the entertainment they put on for both kids and adults was absolutely amazing and you could tell they put in so much hard work and effort. I just wish I could have stayed longer because they went round actually getting to know you and becoming your friend which really makes an impression on me. They actually invited me and Kyle out with them on our last night for a few drinks but sadly had to decline because we was up really early in the morning due to flying back home and still had to finish packing :(

All in all if you are staying in Playa Blanca please stay at this hotel because trust me you will not be disappointed. Even though there was a couple of bad points for me which they could obviously improve on, it seriously does not spoil your holiday! I still left extremely happy wishing that I didn't have to leave. I'll definitely be returning in the future whether it's next year or in a few years. 

I'm extremely happy with my self for stepping out my comfort zone and trying new sports; archery, water polo, went on a bike ride, tried out the sauna and Jacuzzis, played pool basically every single night and got very very drunk every night apart from one. I had so much fun, a holiday to remember. Gorgeous Hotel, lovely staff and fantastic entertainment, I'm just super grateful I got the chance to share it with someone very special to me.

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