Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How To Pack Your Carry On Plane Bag

Hello Summer! 
It's got to that time of year where everyone is going on holiday now including me. So I thought it would be the perfect time to write a blog post about what types of things to take on your plane bag aka travel essentials. Now if you've travelled on a plane before everyone knows that planes can be seriously boring so you have to find a way to entertain yourself whether it's a long winded flight or a short flight, how annoying is it when your bum goes numb? or you've got some random dude falling a sleep next to you and slowly itching closer and closer to resting on your shoulder. All us girls also know that flights make your skin really dry and puffy so you have to give yourself some extra TLC, plus I think it's a great way to pass some time. 

I'll get to it and share with you the things that I'm going to be taking with me in my carry on bag. 

Passport, Plane tickets and Hotel details etc 

This is the most obvious one to take on a plane with you because you wouldn't get very far now would you? Can't go forgetting those! 

Phone and Headphones 
I always take my phone with me everywhere it's like my baby, it'll be useful for me to take with me so I can contact my mum or anyone else I need to via Wifi. The headphones if I want to listen to music or watch any downloaded videos on my phone, noise reducing sound ones are the best ones so you don't hear that awful noise from the plane engine or other people being noisy but Unfortunately I've only got my apple earphones. 

This is a great way to pass time, I'll only be on a 4 hour flight but once I get proper onto it, We'll be landing before we know it. 

Putting this in my bag purely because everyone knows it's not ideal to back it in your suitcase otherwise it'll break and i'm not risking that happening due to it being my most prized possession. 

Facial Moisturizer 
I want to give my face some TLC this year as I'm trying to improve my skin and I don't want to look gross. 

Lip balm 
Again to take care of my skin and help my lips become all smooth and moisturized especially right now when it's warmer and dryer weather.  

Makeup wipes
To take off any makeup I may have put on and help to feel more freshened up 

Pocket tissues
Now you never know, these may come in really handy! You may have a cold or you may need them when you go to the toilet, a lot of people go to the toilet on flights to stretch there legs or the obvious? to use the toilet, duh Claire. And it might just so happen there is no toilet roll left, but don't fret! You'll have your pocket tissues!  

This is probably a really important one for me because I like to spend maybe a little too much. But there's loads of shops in duty free you may end up seeing something you want to get and treat yourself. But no seriously I always end up buying my self some hard sweets to stop my ears from popping during take off and landing. I also always make sure I buy a bottle of water. 


If you sweat a lot like me then you'll definitely need this (don't worry my armpits are not like a waterfall, it's normal to sweat). I'm taking a roll on deodorant to help freshen up either on the plane or after we land and waiting for our luggage.

*Just to clarify if you didn't already know because traveling is new to you, You're only allowed to take liquids that are 100ml, anything larger than that they won't let you take on the plane with you. 

What things to you take with you in your carry on bag?

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  1. I always have to pack books and my iPad to keep me entertained and a few beauty bits to make sure my skin stays hydrated, so I totally agree with this post :)

    Jasmine xx

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    1. Keeping my skin hydrated is a must! Thankyou for reading x


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