Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mini Yankee Candle Collection

Sooner or later I was going to end up writing a post related to Yankee Candles because who doesn't love a good candle that fills out the entire room or house with a gorgeous scent?  I'd like to think I've got a mini collection going on, although I would like to grow my collection more whenever I find a candle I really like (which seems to be most) I can't help myself but keep burning it until I've got less than a quarter left and then i'm thinking to myself that I have a real dilemma on my hands. 

Even though this may be a super short talk, if candles are your thing and you're interested then please stay BUT! first go grab yourself a couple of your favourite biscuits and a cuppa :). 

Cappuccino Truffle: I adore the scent from this candle so much as you can see I've already started burning it so sorry that it's not picture perfect but I just couldn't resist, so If you like coffee and chocolate then this is definitely your thing because they're mixed into one. However, the candle smells lovely when it's not lit, and when it is lit the fragrance it is very weak and not as strong as I thought It would be considering coffee has a strong, roasted intense smell. 

Berry Trifle: This is one of the candles I got for Christmas of my boyfriend, he did good I must say +39487897 boyfriend points for Kyle. This candle has a very sharp but sweet scent but not sickly, it has a mixed smell of berries and vanilla. This candle is is perfect for anyone who likes the sweet and fruity scents like I do and it also burns like a treat; berry trifle infused room. 

Christmas Cookie: As you can tell this is a Christmas edition candle which you can get every single year, also my ultimate favourite out of the 3 i've spoken about. This is defintely one of them candles that you pick up in the shop and your first reaction is 'ohhhh this smells so good', it smells that good you could eat it. As you can tell I really like the sweet scented candles and this so happens to be another sweet candle. It's described as Buttery Rich, Vanilla infused Holiday sugar cookies. When lit and not lit it smells really strong and vanilla-ry, it fills out the whole room and makes it smell absolutely divine, but not too sickly. 

What are your favourite candle scents?

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  1. You definitely have taste! These candles are awesome and they do fill a room with just the best scents. I have my favorites, and I do like to light one here and there especially when its a dark and rainy day. I like to turn lights out and light a few of them and then make some food and watch a movie.


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