Friday, 2 December 2016

Back to blogging (life update)

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Hey lovelies,

It's been a while since I last blogged so this is going to be a short chatty post just to let you know where I'm at now if any of you have an ounce of interest.

ANYWAY, the reason why I left without an explanation is because I moved up to Liverpool for University and just got caught up in everything, so much was going on and I found it hard to juggle multiple things about because there was meeting new people and getting to know them, easing myself into my new course, as well as adjusting this this new environment and living away from home with people I've just met for the first time. Let's just say I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I didn't 'party hard' neither, I'm basically already a granny at the age of 20, wow. 

In that short space of time, I found myself becoming more and more unhappy and feeling really low that I isolated myself and didn't really socialise as much as I should have done, hence why I didn't live up to the student life drinking the majority of the time. So I've taken myself away from the situation and decided to come back home and commute to uni instead, it just wasn't for me, not yet anyway. Moving back home has to be one of the best decisions I've ever made with regards putting my happiness first, if I'd have stayed it would have only got worse. However now I'm feeling miles better, I can't help but feel like I'm missing everyone and that I'm away from everything. Just wish there was a way to meet in the middle were i'm in a happy mental state but still get to stay close with all my friends and go out and all that jazz even if I am living at home. 

So yeah I'm back home, feel like i'm me again, finally returning to blogging but drowning in assignment after assignment, and no money creeping into my overdraft because I can't manage my money to save my life. 

Hope you're all well and have a lovely weekend, sending all my love x

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  1. I'm glad you're back to blogging and that you are feeling a lot happier, that's all that matters! x


    1. Thankyou Kate! Definitely enjoying being back, I've missed out on so much x

  2. aw this is a great blog, love chatty ones! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now and that you're back to blogging to!

    - Philippa x

  3. Oh I'm so jeal of everyone starting uni! I graduated this year and miss it so much. Good luck with all your assignments! Don't worry, you'll manage <3 it is a roller coaster of a time! I had so many ups and downs.

    Amber Love Blog

    1. Honestly at the moment, I love it but I hate it at the same time, can't even describe how stressed I am because of essays x


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